New to tarot?

Not sure if this is how you want to roll? Not a problem!

Now you can get a taste of the Tarot for just $50.

Ask any one burning question and I can assure you, you will look at the tarot in a whole new way!



Looking for something fun and different for your next gathering?

Add some excitement and mysticism to your next party! A fun Tarot reading session might just be what you need. Give your guests an experience that they will remember long after the event, a meaningful experience they will thank you for and make your party the talk of the town!

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What is it you yearn for the most right now?

Are you unsure of your life path or your soul's true purpose? Is it time to improve your relationships, career choices and overall happiness?

A private Tarot reading will answer all these questions giving you the clarity you need to lead a more confident life

Private readings are available via Email / Phone

W h a t     A n s w e r s    d o    Y o u      s e e k     t o d a y?