I bought my first Tarot deck when I was 18. It was the Osho Zen tarot I think - a beautifully illustrated book and cards. I used to randomly draw a card for the day or week or just guidance when I felt low or confused. I even picked a card some days when I felt lucky!!
Soon it was a whirlwind of hitting Life milestones, College, MBA,  the Corporate  life, making new friends, traveling, living a rich full life, today I am grateful for all of life's experiences  and my cards that guided many a lives around me

The Universe kept pushing and prodding me into helping others. There were these phases in my life when the Angelic number 999 kept flashing everywhere I looked! I could not ignore the calling anymore and here you are reading it too!

The Universe works in mysterious ways. Don't you just love it? I know I do!!

So tell me: What Answers do you seek today? . . . . . . . . .

Tarot with Shilpa

The High priestess speaks!

I read my first book on astrology when I was 12, Palmistry and Numerology followed at 15.

I devoured them the way kids read comic books! Honestly, I never really fathomed the depths of what I was reading. I mean how could I? I was studying to someday become a doctor or business tycoon and I was going to save lives or build an empire (the no.2 in my birth date makes everything go in twos!)

My Grandmother was a deeply spiritual person and a miracle worker with her prayers. She used to have visions and premonitions and would randomly say things that would come true! I like to think I inherited my intuitive abilities from her.

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