W h a t     A n s w e r s    d o    Y o u      s e e k     t o d a y?

My TAROT Style

Its really simple.

I tap into your energy and the energies surrounding you.
Having your birth details and a photo helps a great deal in this process.

I then do a spread ( different number of cards in different layouts depending on your question), take a look at your future and see what is coming so that you know what to expect. This prediction can be very powerful in the sense that If you know what is coming up, it will give you the ability to reconsider the path that you are on and make better choices.

And what if the outcome looks all doom and gloom? No worries! We can always look at other options for you to explore and paths to choose from so you may invent your future to the best under the circumstances.

Free Will is NOT a myth and I strongly believe nothing is etched in stone.

I feel our lives are a sum product of our choices and we can lead a more fulfilling and conscious life if we are aware of the consequences of those choices.  My readings mostly benefit those who are ready to take Charge of their lives!

Make the choice to clear the fog in your head and take the reins of your life into your hands and watch as the Universe bends itself to do your bidding!!

So tell me: What answers do you seek today? . . . . . . . . .