The Celtic Cross

Looking for answers to a specific situation? The Cross is a complex Tarot spread which looks at past, present, future, positive, negative, internal and external influences to answer a specific question.

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TAROT Spreads

Below are some of the most popular spreads that have provided great insights for my clients. For YOUR answers, E-mail me at

Solitary Swan

This reading answers the question:  Why am I still single? How to attract the right partner and when will I meet the mate of my Dreams....?.

Find out if your soulmate's near and how to recognize him/her

Past Lives

A favorite among querents open to the idea of Reincarnation! What challenges your soul has chosen to undergo in this life and how you can balance your previous incarnation with your current life so you may fulfill your soul's purpose

Nest Egg- Finances and Entrepreneurship

Having an Out-of-Money experience?
Let me show you your money/business potential, what you can do to  to attract the right job/ client towards you and the optimal path to creating the wealth you deserve and desire!

Relationships ( Glimpse of Heaven)

Whether love, work or platonic, relationships tend to define our very existence.There is no greater joy than when two partners understand each other and no greater sorrow than when relationships turn sour. This reading explores your relationships in detail.

Life Path Reading

For when you are stuck in a rut, running like a hamster in an endless loop and really need to understand your purpose in Life. Discover your soul's true purpose in choosing this birth, what you came into this world to do and how to enrich your life!

W h a t     A n s w e r s    d o    Y o u      s e e k     t o d a y?