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W h a t     A n s w e r s    d o    Y o u      s e e k     t o d a y?

Many people feel that Numerology, astrology, tarot, Kabbalah and even psychology are conflicting or mutually exclusive ideologies but the truth is they follow the same principles and symbolism.

The landmark in the history of Numerology is Pythagoras (think math theorems). He believed that the universe is mathematical and that man could grasp the nature of the Universe only through number and form and that numbers can be used to determine hidden truths present in the universe based on a specific set of numerical archetypes. In fact the Pythagorean system is widely used to determine the vibrations present in our names using numbers that then tell us about the significance of our names and the inherent destinies created by the use of such letters.

The Tarot uses 22 universal archetypal images that represent aspects of the human psyche or transformations. Carl Jung noted relatively the same universal variations of archetypes and images in his work in psychology which he then narrowed down to 12 primary personality archetypes that all the others may be derived from.
In Numerology also there are 12 numerical archetypes – 1 to 9 and the master numbers 11, 22, and 33. Astrology also has 12 signs of the zodiac. In the Tarot each of the cards in the major Arcana is assigned a numerical value and relates to a specific astrological sign and or planet.
The Kabbalah, which is the body of Jewish mysticism and occult knowledge, dwells very deeply on the symbolism of the Hebrew alphabet. The Hebrew alphabet also contains 22 letters, the same as the number of major arcane in the Tarot!
In fact you will never find conflicting information between a numerological chart, astrological chart and a tarot reading.
I use numerology to see lucky name numbers and in my tarot readings to provide great insight into your destiny