Path and Purpose Reading

Path and Purpose Reading

For when you are stuck in a rut, running like a hamster in an endless loop and really need to understand your purpose in Life. Discover what you came into this world to do and how to fulfil your Life purpose!

Relationship and I

Relationship and I

This reading answers the question: Why am I still single?How to attract the right partner and when will I meet the mate of my Dreams.....Find out if your soulmate's near and how to recognize him/her

Business & Finances

Business & Finances

Let me show you your Business potential, what you can do to attract the right Client/ Job towards you and the right path to creating the wealth you desire!

Past Life Spread

Past Life Spread

Discover the Soul Plan you have come with in this Life from a Previous Incarnation

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Will I rise or will I fall?

If I'm willing to see the Truth

Will you show me My Fortunes and all?

Remember that mirror in Snow White’s tale?  

The TAROT cards are exactly like that mirror! 

You must use the Clarity that the cards give you to carve out a better Future for yourself.


I am Shilpa, an Intuitive Tarot card Reader, Psychic, Action Consciousness Practitioner, Spiritual and Success Orienter and YOU are here because you are looking for answers.


My Approach to any situation is "What is the lesson to be learnt from this and how to create a better future?” 


I Believe Luck favors the Prepared mind.

The seeds you sow today will decide what you reap tomorrow.

The Tarot shows you what to sow and if the season is right for it.” 


When you are at Crossroads, the Tarot is a means of choosing the Best plan of action! 


Whether you are new to Tarot or have done readings before, I look forward to exciting things happening for YOU!

So tell me: What answers do you seek today?


Your True Life purpose


Career and Finance

Life Milestones

Marriage, Children, Buying a house.

Any other question that you can dream of :-)

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Discover the Truth about your Life, Love, Spiritual Path and Career