Email Readings


Most of my clients preferred method of getting a reading is via emails. Of course, it might have to do with them being in different parts of the world. But no seriously, it frees both the client and the reader from time constraints and allows for longer contemplation. 

I Do the reading, write out the reading for you, attach the photo of the cards and email it to you.That way you can refer to it whenever you want!

Send me your questions along with any details that you feel may help with the reading. It must be a specific question. Vague questions will beget vague answers. Your birth date along with a recent photo of yourself will go a long way in helping me connect to your energies.


Some pointers:

Make your question as specific as possible.  

Do not try to combo-wrap questions.  It confuses the cards and leads to a blurred answer

Please have some time gap between your readings. Too many readings in a short period are just a waste of time.

Including names/photo and birth dates of anyone else you want to know about can be helpful too.

Readings are usually completed within 72-96 hours

Email me at and I’ll respond as speedily as I can.

*Emails have an annoying habit of landing up in your "Spam/Promotions” folder. Please check in there if you do not hear from me within the stipulated time.

Phone Readings


Phone readings tend to be more interactive  than email readings. They are a quick way of getting your answers if you are pressed for time. Ranging from 15-45 mins, you have the choice of asking from one priority question in 15 mins to the whole enchilada in 45 mins!


Some pointers:

Make sure you are in a quiet space.

Have your questions ready beforehand.

For a faster reading you may mail me the questions in advance.

I am rarely able to offer same day appointments. If its a matter of great urgency whatsapp me on my number and I will try to fit you in.

When I'm in the middle of a reading I'm usually so tuned into your situation that I get messages from the universe in a continuous flow. While in the reading you could ask any question you want and you will get your answers right away. But once the reading is done, its done. Most of the times I cant even recollect what was asked or what was answered! 


To Book a Reading Call or WhatsApp on (+91)9952029828