Honour your Feelings

Many people come to me to have their “future” read and I’m reminded of a Chinese proverb that says, If you do not change your current direction, you are likely to end up exactly where you are headed. When I read the Tarot cards for someone, I’m not just seeing their future. I’m also paying attention to their innermost beliefs and thoughts about life, relationships or career. And most often than not, I’m surprised how deeply ingrained is the belief that in order to succeed in Life, we need to deny our feelings!

Feelings are a sort of value judgement. When we think of something we get a feeling of “like” or dislike”. This feeling has roots deeper than you think and basically tells me exactly what your mental makeup is and how it’s positively or negatively influencing your success quotient.

Contrary to popular opinion, the tendency nowadays to just disregard or kill our feelings is actually a Curse. Because the ONE thing that could have brought you closer to understanding yourself and your deepest motivations has been denied.

Our feelings are actually signs a life decision might be right or wrong, signs that a job or relationship is the right fit or not, that something might be too good to be true or that someone is treating us nicely or badly or even that we are subtly sabotaging ourself or our relationships.

For example, You might have noticed how sometimes when you’re talking to people about something they silently disagree with (but wont directly confront or challenge your opinion), your anxiety levels rise, you feel slightly breathless and you get a sinking feeling? Basically, that’s your body letting you know that you’re trying too hard to convince and that they really ARE sitting back in judgement of you while you get all flustered and uncomfortable.

Normally, I love talking about the occult and Tarot to an intelligent person who seeks knowledge, regardless of whether they are believers or skeptics. I believe in a Higher self and in energies that surround us. I believe in Guardian angels and that our souls choose the life we have. I personally have seen Black magic, dead people and have astral traveled to another location. But the minute I’m asked to explain my beliefs by a person who is only looking to find some entertainment, my mind immediately tells me to stop trying to explain. Trust me, it took many years for me to learn to heed my feelings.

But how does one change an inner state? The first step to altering a feeling or attitude is to stop denying its existence. Dig deep enough, ask Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. questions as to why you feel a certain way, is it your imagination or is there some truth to the feeling and if it can be changed why you are still having the same patterns repeated in your life.

We all have the power to alter our psyche and create the future we desire. The past need not define who you are capable of becoming in your future. Not if you can understand that any incident that evokes a particular feeling has its roots in your past and that particular tree will only grow stronger roots if you keep watering it all the time. Say, if you have been told that you are an “Angry” person or “can’t take criticism”, and you find yourself unable to control such behaviour, shine a bright light into deep darkness surrounding the root cause of your feeling and you will be free of it forever.

I wish you a future full of exciting possibilities!!


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