Seeking the Master......

Seeking the Master......

Remember The old saying "When the student is ready, the master shall come"?

It can be a little misleading, making people think that they just have to entertain the thought of learning and the Master magically appears out of thin air giving them a menu card for infinite wisdom on a silver platter.

A true master has to wisely choose where he wishes to expend his energy, impart his knowledge and make the maximum difference in someone's life. The master is always around and accessible. He doesn't go to the student, the student comes to him.

Think about it! As a Master, Whom would you rather teach? One who is willing to appreciate your wisdom, learn new things and put their trust in your wisdom OR the one who sits around waiting for you to magically know their need and turn up to teach them?

The truth is,

When the student is ready, he SEEKS the Master...........

Love and Clarity


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