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Personalized Readings


What is it you yearn for the most right now?

Are you unsure of your life path or your soul's true purpose?

Is it time to improve your relationships, career choices and overall happiness? 

A private Tarot reading will answer all these questions giving you the clarity you need to lead a more confident life

One-on-One readings are also available via Email / Phone

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Tarot for Events and Parties

Looking for something fun, different and a little mystical for your next gathering?

Treat your guests to a unique, interactive and memorable Tarot experience at your next party or gathering.  

Group readings are great for a Birthday bash, Traditional holiday parties, Mehendi function or just a good old party with friends.

In a large party situation, the readings are typically short, light and positive, usually lasting about ten minutes per person.

This gives everyone else a chance to get a taste of the Tarot!

Your guests will leave feeling happy, uplifted and with a story to tell !

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