Tarot readings are a deeply personal experience. Most come for a reading when they are at crossroads and have some hard choices to make or their life is undergoing a massive upheaval and guidance becomes paramount to moving forward. My role is that of a channel, connecting their subconscious to the guides in the Universe. My biggest reward comes when clients return and convey their blessings or express their gratitude. I never request a testimonial from them. To a non-believer or a new client 'I say "try it yourself, for each one is different."

Having said that, I am also deeply indebted to some of them who have insisted I have a "testimonial" page

as they say "how else will the world know of you?"  How else indeed......A huge thank you!! And here goes!


Thank you so much Shilpa. Your counsel is blessed with optimism which makes a world of difference. Your reading is sage advice to help with my predicament. I will take it to heart.I wanted to tell you how accurate your reading and advice was and how grateful I am to you.
Joe UK
Incredibly accurate and insightful! This reading has helped me find clarity with myself. To be honest with myself about where I am and what Im doing that's getting in the way of myself. Its a work in progress but Im hopeful. Thank you!!
Hi Shilpa, Firstly I must Thank You for taking your time, and energy to complete a Tarot Reading on the question in which I asked. The reading in which you have provided will now enable me to continue with my destiny in life, and I will be able to take on aboard your advice to be able to live the life I have always been destined to do. Your skills have been more than useful to providing me with such a detailed reading. My only wish is just to keep using your gift to help others. Thank You Shilpa.
This reading was so soothing for me to hear! I tend to make split decisions especially when it comes to work situations, so hearing that I needed to be patient was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!
Dear Shilpa, Thank you very much for this excellent reading 🙂 What you saw was completely accurate..... Blessings to you! xxxx
I would like to thank you for doing this for me! It means a lot, really it does. From what I can tell your description of my past life has actually been fairly accurate! The reading helped me in that...it's sort of been the final push to make a decision I've been hinging on for a long time, and I'm thankful for that. I'm not entirely sure what else to say here, so I suppose this is all for now. Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to do this reading! It's amazing how accurate it is, and, as if spirit moved me, was already implementing the advice laid out in the reading, just having fun!
Thank you so much for your kind words and concern and the reading you have done is very accurate in my case.
You gave me a clear suggestion .
Thanx from the bottom of my heart
Very spot on. I actually got an interview for a new position the day I received this reading. Thank you for the insight! .
 Wonderfully helpful, thank you again!
Katrina O'Neil
She's the best, she help me to understand what happening in my relationship, and also understand a part that i do not know because i only focus on one thing
Maria plaza
Shilpa was amazing! Very accurate!
Aditi Nege
Thank you so much for your time and energy you spend on my reading.
I find your answers reasonable and matched with our situation.
Shilpa is honest and blunt with her readings which is a good thing. She also advice u on what u should take not or not so tht things are going well for u. Thanks shilpa for all the assistance.
Juliana J
Overall, an excellent reading. There was a lot there for me to ponder on. Good explanation and very thorough.
Dear Shilpa, THANK YOU, for your in depth guidance, effort and time, put into my reading, so resonate with your reading, I wish you all the best. Love n light
Santha P
Thank you ma'am....your advice has come in at a very important time for me...Your analysis of our personalities is true...Thank you so much for this reading:)
In-depth answers, intuitive, experienced, good people skills.
Her reading was very honest and direct and I appreciate her being straightforward with me so I could understand the importance of everything and also see what I need to keep in mind.
 Skyla McKenna
Thanks for your reading, I like how you clearly stated your words summarizing what is important.
I like how you gave me perspective from both me and my partners views.
Please accept my appreciation for the reading and clarity.

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